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Herd Sires

Current, Past, and Future.

Semen is available to purchase on select bulls. 


SEC Peter Panda 43.25" registered Panda 8/8/16 SEMEN AVAILABLE


South Arrow Finn 40" registered Belted Galloway 8/16/18 semen available


LM Shreck American Belted


RCM Chewbacca 3/4 Highland x 1/4 Belted Galloway

TDH Prince Charming

Mini Jersey Bull


Capt'n Jack 39" Registered Panda Born 6/17/2019


Samson Chondro positive 35" American Belted

Semen Now Available

Are you just getting started? Do you have too few cows to justify having a bull? Are you looking to diversify your genetics? Do you simply want to add some color while keeping the beef? Perhaps you are looking to breed your replacements? AI is a great option! We currently have semen available on two great bulls. 

SEC Peter Panda


Peter Panda has flush-quality semen available from Champion Genetics.  "Petey" is a fourth-generation registered Panda. At 3 years old, he measures 43 1/4" tall and weighs 1125 lbs. He has a genetic profile on file through Igenity; Chondro free, PHA free, hetero-polled, and carries red. Petey has had an average BW of 47lbs and put at least a partial belt on every calf. The price of semen is $40 per straw. Shipping is extra and arranged through Champion Genetics. Contact me for details.

South Arrow Finn

SA Finn.jpeg

Finn is a silver dun registered Belted Galloway. He was purchased at 3 years of age and stands 40" at the hook and 41.5" at the top of his hip. Finn is homozygous polled, carries red, and is PHA free and Chondro negative. Semen is available at $50/ straw. Shipping is extra and arranged through Champion Genetics.  Contact me for details.

Petey Calves

BlackDog Wyatt Earp
BlackDog Jack Sparrow
BlackDog Cricket
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