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Sale Barn

All cattle will be sold up to date on worming and vaccinations. Vaccines include Vib-shield 7, Vira-shield 6, Blackleg, and Bangs (heifers). Cattle are wormed quarterly via a rotational worming protocol. Calves are weaned around six months of age and stay for 3-6 weeks for socialization. A health certificate can be provided at no charge. Calves can be steered and/or dehorned for no additional charge. Any other procedure or testing can be done for the costs. A non-refundable deposit of 1/3 of the total cost is required to hold sale animals. Deposits will be applied to the price of the animal. A discount of 10% is applied when purchasing multiple animals. Black Dog Ranch offers continued support after all sales. We are available by phone, text, or email for questions, tours, and meet and greets with our cattle. Payment in full is required before the animal leaves the property. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Black Dog Snitch
$2000 (SOLD pending pickup)

Snitch was born July 3, 2023, out of Tiger Lilly and Shrek. This little guy is curious, spunky, and just too cute. He will be steered and dehorned before leaving. I expect Snitch to be friendly, personable, and mature around a frame score of 000. He is chrondro negative and PHA free. Snitch will be available around the end of December. Snitch and 

Dobby would love to be the perfect Christmas present, a pair of pet steers.

Black Dog Dobby
$2500  (SOLD pending pickup) 

Dobby was born June 30, 2023, out of Black Dog Fancy (41" at two y/o) and RCM Chewbacca (39" at 18 months). He is my first calf from both of these guys, and he checks all the boxes. Dobby is short and masculine, had a low BW (31 lbs), has a complete belt, and is from two belted parents. He is 68.75% Highland, crossed with Beltie, and has fabulous hair. I expect Dobby to mature around a frame score of 000. He is chondro negative, PHA free, and carries red. Dobby will be available just in time for Christmas. 

              SOLD    (pending pick up)
Black Dog Percy 

Percy was born September 25, 2023, out of Mimosa and Shrek. He arrived about a week early as a super tiny baby boy. This little guy is an absolute doll. I believe he is a red dun. it is possible he is just red. I will test to confirm. He is chondro negative and PHA free by parentage. I believe he will mature around a frame score of 00. He will be weaned and available in March 2024.  

Semen Now Available

SEC Peter Panda 

$40 per straw 

South Arrow Finn

$40 per straw, $10 BGS certificate

No minimum purchase is required. Ten percent discount on purchases of ten or more straws. Shipping is extra and arranged through Champion Genetics.

Contact us to purchase. 

Coming Soon:

Belle bred to Shrek due 11/6 or 11/27

Raven bred to Shrek due 12/6

Haven bred to Shrek due Jan 2024

Updated: 10/15/23

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