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Sale Barn

All cattle will be sold up to date on worming and vaccinations. Vaccines include Vib-shield 7, Vira-shield 6, Blackleg, and Bangs (heifers). Cattle are wormed quarterly via a rotational worming protocol. Calves are weaned around six months of age. A health certificate can be provided at no charge. Calves can be steered and/or dehorned for no additional charge. Any other procedure or testing can be done for what it cost. A non-refundable deposit of 1/3 of the total cost is required to hold sale animals. Deposits will be applied to the price of the animal. Black Dog Ranch offers continued support after all sales, we are available by phone, text, or email for questions, tours, and meet and greets with our cattle. Payment in full is required before the animal leaves the property. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

South Arrow Finn


Finn is a registered Belted Galloway that is full miniature in size. He has a lovely temperament, is polite with feed, and is super laid back in the field. This guy is short! He stands around 40" at the hook and under 42" across the top of his hip. Finn is four years old, silver dun, and homozygous polled. He would be an asset to any breeding program. Price includes a Trich test, and a bull soundness exam can be performed for its cost.  

Black Dog Wren

Wren is a Jersey Beltie cross born October 21, 2022, out of FF Mimosa and TDH Prince Charming. This little girl is an absolute riot. She goes everywhere at mach10 and sticks her nose into everything. Wren was a bit of a surprise. Charming was a very short Jersey bull that apparently had a set of wings. Wren will be ready to leave at the end of May or can be sold as a package with her mum. 

bred cow

Kate is a two-year-old, midsize Jersey. She is bred to South Arrow Finn for a June calf. Kate has a dog-like personality. She is friendly, goofy, and used to being touched all over. Kate is not halter broke but will follow a bucket anywhere (I mean anywhere) and stands quietly in the chute. She is currently holding her weight well on just pasture. Two straws of mini Jersey (or Belted Galloway) semen can be included in the sale. 

FF Mimosa
bred cow

Mimosa is a three-year-old, mid-size, polled, dun American Belted. She comes for cubes and is easy to handle. She has calved twice with no assistance and allows the handling of her calves. She had a lovely red dun heifer on October 26, 2022. Mimosa is bred back to either Shrek or Chewy (most likely Shrek) and is due October 4, 2023. She can be purchased by herself once the heifer is weaned, or they can be purchased as a pair. 

Jewels Sassy Pants
Bred cow

Jewels is a 6-year-old midsize Panda cow registered with the IMCBR. She is bred to South Arrow Finn for a summer calf. Jewels is a sweet girl that loves cubes. She carries red and brindle coloring and has the most fun colored calves.