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Ranch visits

We offer tours and meet and greets with the cattle for $100 for a two hour visit. Tours must be booked at least a week in advance. They are to be paid when booking and fee is non-refundable unless inclimate weather. Visits may be reschedule with 7 days notice. 

The herd.jpeg
The herd.jpeg


Come visit the ranch. See the cows and learn about everyday care, including feed, yearly vaccines, and common health concerns. See examples of different working facilities and learn how to move cattle calmly through health checks, give injections, and draw blood.

Cow Cuddling

Just want to pet cows and take pictures? We can do that too. This is a working ranch, and not all the cows are pets, but we have a few favorites that love to be loved on. The ladies do appreciate treats and can be bribed for a closeup. They don't pose, but you can take all the photos you like to remember the experience. The most fun is when there are calves in the weaning pen. It means a little more to see and do, so please reach out for the best times to visit. We also have a few sale items available for souvenirs. 


Sales and Availabity

Come see our available cows and calves. Stand next to our sires and dams and understand what adult size looks like. Ask all your questions and pick out your favorites. Apply the fee towards your deposit for up to one year after your visit. 

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